Convincing a woman to sleep with you is an invalid idea. If you get lucky, it’s because she knew what she wanted before you said your first word. The trick therefore, is not knowing the right thing to say; it’s knowing how to not screw up! When you meet a girl you like, stick to basics. This works for me:

  • Shut the fuck up
  • Have a valid reason for being out other than meeting women.
  • Dress and drink in accordance with the venue. You don’t have to be a follower, but don’t be That Guy who comes in with a sombrero.
  • If you catch her eye, just say “Hi”. This way, you aren’t risking any ego up-front, it’s a universally accepted greeting, and you waste no time putting the ball in her court.
  • If you have a chance, she will say something. If you’re not sure, it means you have no chance.
  • Make small talk. This is the lengthy interview process. She really just wants to know two things: whether you two have good chemistry and whether you are trustworthy, and there’s nothing you can say verbally that’s going to answer those questions. And unless you enjoy talking about yourself more than you enjoy having a girlfriend, remember to keep the conversation on her and her interests.
  • Never buy a woman a drink if she asks you to. A stranger who asks you to buy them a drink is no less pathetic than a stranger asking you for spare change, and you should move on to better company. If she doesn’t ask, however, you should get her a drink after you’ve been talking for awhile.
  • Don’t tell her verbally that she’s hot. She already knows what you’re thinking anyway
  • Adopt a Zen perspective. Your happiness comes from within and is not dependent on validation from other people, especially some chick you just met.
  • When the time is right, make your move and ask her over. How to know when the time is right? It’s kind of like a hot water boiler…things get warmer and warmer until a bell in your head goes “ding!”
  • If she wants to see you again, she’ll drop a hint.

Any “formula” with more steps than this just makes the process of mingling awkwardly unnatural. The following factors are also required:

1. Your physical appearance must at least fall under the category of “f**kable”.
2. Clean your apartment before you go out. Leaving a dirty apartment means that subconsciously, you aren’t expecting any company.
3. Nothing is a bigger party foul than needing protection and not having any.



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