Trust me, I hate a self-righteous, snobby lightweight as much as the next guy, but I think it would benefit you to meditate on the real reason why you go out drinking. It seems obvious, but is it really? If you attempt to answer that question for yourself, you may not be able to answer exactly why you drink.What are you really getting versus what you’re giving? It loosens you up, but in exchange you’re getting much poorer and less healthy, and in many cases you lose alot of your dignity. And it definitely doesn’t increase your chances with women. If you need to drink in order to approach a woman, you’re acting on a crutch, not solving the root of your approach anxiety.

Essentially, drinking alcohol is the hobby of poisoning yourself for entertainment. In my opinon, clubs are for socializing, which requires talking, listening and the exchange of ideas. The drinks are just a gimmick that the club profits on while you’re there, since you’re not paying their rent by wagging your tongue. Do you fear that if you don’t drink, everyone will think you’re a big pussy? You’re probably right. But ask yourself, what is more important, the opinions of complete strangers, or the pride in knowing you’re having a genuinely great time doing whatever you feel like doing or not doing, meeting new people and enjoying great music? If I want to go out but I’m not in the mood to drink, I’ll even go so far as to order orange juice without ice and tip heavily to compensate for irritating the bartender.

If you want to drink, then by all means please do. Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t drink, either. Just make sure that you’re drinking for the right reasons; you may love the combination of Jameson and ginger ale, or you’re an aficianado when it comes to fine tequilas, not just so you can get hammered enough to talk to chicks. Instead of working on your “game”, the best thing a guy can do to attract women is to learn what it means to be truly happy. Get some hobbies, get your life together, and get a proper crew of good friends.


What do you think?

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