It seems generally true that poor people look down on rich people and rich people look down on poor people. But if you’re going to judge other people, you can’t judge them based on whether they are accomplishing your goals, or whether they are living a lifestyle that you consider happy or honorable. You’d have to judge them based on how well they are doing at accomplishing their own goals.

If your goal is to make loads of money, or keep the wealthy lifestyle you already have, go for it if that’s what will make you happy, and don’t listen to anyone who may be jealous and pretend they are being pious and honorable. On the other hand, if your goal is to bum around and do nothing, then GO FOR IT! If surfing and hanging out at coffee shops all the time is what you like, don’t listen to anyone who thinks less of you. You may encounter financial hardship down the road, but at least if you followed your own heart then you only have yourself to blame for your fate whether it be a happy one or a sad one.

Now, there is such a thing as being a failure. It’s when you set your goals, you make your definition of happiness, and you fail to accomplish them. Then other people should look down on you. Don’t let American commercialism or anyone else who’s been hypnotized by it compare you to their ideals, or the impossible ideals of advertisement. Get born, think very carefully about what true happiness means to you, go for it, enjoy your life, then die.


What do you think?

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