Although understandably frusterating, guys have the wrong perspective about gold diggers. It’s important to understand that although some women are predatory, women with high standards get an undeserved bad rap. You wouldn’t lower your standards, so why should they?

Specifically, gold diggers are women who seek relationships for the sole purpose of draining a man of his monetary assets. They are characteristically shameless, immoral sociopaths. But you can’t let soulless backstabbers like these upset you. In fact, the only thing you should feel is sympathy. Everyone has the right to pursue true happiness. Unfortunately for women with a gold-digging mindset, their definition of true happiness is on an ever sliding scale, permanently out of reach.

You see, women cannot go backwards in lifestyle. When a woman dates a guy with his own car, every boyfriend in her future must at least have his own car. When she meets a guy with his own apartment, she can’t help but make that the standard. Now, gold digging women have a mindset built for constant misery, even though it looks like they are only taking advantage of you. Every time they meet a guy, they check his ATM receipts etc, and if that number is the high score, she stays. But as soon as she meets someone richer, she’ll feel like she’s living below her class by staying with you. The next time a woman refuses to date you because of your income, consider yourself lucky that you didn’t date her at all.

It is for this reason that women with high standards are commonly mistaken as gold diggers, but there is an important difference. Women with high standards do want an honest relationship, but because of their looks or social status they can afford to be very picky. They just want someone on the same “level”, which is perfectly understandable. So go LEVEL UP!


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    Can’t… tell… if… serious…

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