Take Over the Hotel

Free Hotel Cancellation

Hotels sometimes charge you a cancellation fee if you cancel your reservation too close to your arrival date. Instead of cancelling, call to reschedule. Then call back, get a different phone operator, and request to cancel. This way you can avoid the late cancellation fee.

Go Straight to Your Floor in an Elevator

Oh God, I hate it when someone’s kids start pressing all the buttons, or the elevator is full and your floor is the furthest away. Try pressing your floor and the door close button at the exact same time.

Free Cell Phone Charger

Cell phone chargers are the number one lost item in hotels. Even if you’re not a guest of the hotel, if you need a charger find a hotel and tell the front desk you lost one. In the unlikely event that they ask whether you’re a guest, tell them you lost it in a common area.

Free WI-FI

If the wireless internet connection redirects you to a page requiring you to login or pay for access, try adding “.jpg” to the end of the web address you are typing. Wireless pay systems usually don’t redirect web requests ending in .jpg.

Free Use of Business Room Computers

If you find a computer that requires a credit card to use, hold down the power button, turn it on, and hit the F8 button on the keyboard. Start the computer in Safe Mode with Networking, which will neglect to load the payment system application when it starts.

Free Hotel Breakfast

It’s 5AM, the party is finally over and you’re hungry. Walk into a nearby hotel with some luggage. In many hotels, the morning shift relieves the graveyard shift and prepares the continental breakfast, and they have no way of knowing whether you are a hotel guest.

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