Perhaps you’ve landed on this page because you are googling my ex-roommate, Michael Leondas Kirkland. Consider yourself lucky, this blog post is for you so that you can protect yourself from any future dealings with this man.  Don’t take people at their word, do your research. I wish I had looked up his criminal history before I moved in, but now I make it available for you to download so that this man can’t take advantage of anyone else.

In September of 2010, Michael Leondas Kirkland had sublet a room in his Las Olas apartment to me. I kept the common areas clean and paid all bills on time. Over time his demeanor towards me had inexplicably deteriorated, until I discovered by chance that he was abusing cocaine. During this time he raised the rent by $95 and demanded that the bills be paid in cash. He also imposed impossible living conditions that forced me to move out. I was not allowed to have a microwave, and one small cupboard was allotted to me for my kitchen supplies. Michael said that he has the right to throw away any of my property at any time, so long as it was within the confines of the apartment. It was at this point that I packed up my things and began living at a friend’s house. I found out later that causing me to move out was his plan all along, because he was keeping an eviction notice secret.

Two weeks later, I found a new apartment and drove a moving truck to Michael’s apartment to pick up my furniture, which I was previously not able to move. When I arrived, the entire apartment was empty. Michael’s belongings, along with all my furniture and everything I had in the kitchen, were gone. I called Michael about this, who muttered “too bad” and hung up. I found the address of the real owner of the property and paid him a visit. The real owner told me that for the last four months, Michael had not paid the rent and he had been officially evicted. Furthermore, the landlord told me that Michael was the worst tenant that he ever had in thirty years of leasing, and that he was not aware that Michael had sublet the apartment. I discovered that Michael had been using my rent money to pay for prostitutes and cocaine. Not only did he keep the eviction notice a secret, he actually raised the rent by almost a hundred dollars in the last four months. He was evicted a few days after I moved out, and took my furniture with him. That is why I am currently living in a furnished apartment.

Below you can download publicly available records detailing some of Michael’s past civil and criminal misdeeds, including cocaine possession and skipping bail on a DUI court appearance. He is currently due at a hearing this August for another DUI in New York. Michael Leondas Kirklad is an elitist and deviant cocaine fiend with no sense of remorse or respect for others. Below you can download PDF files of some of Michael’s criminal history. These documents were legally procured from publicly available sources.

Cocaine Possession, September 2010, Miami

Skipping Bail for a DUI Court Appearance – January 2011, Miami

Civil Suit from Tiffany & Co. – Credit Card losses $5,000-$15,000 – August 2009

Bond Estreature (skipping bail) – May 2010, Broward County FL

The purpose of this blog post is to protect the reader from any social or business relations with Michael L Kirkland by reading up on his background from my true story and publicly available documents. Do your research. I wish I had.


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