Living Three Lives

We live at least three lives; one when we’re awake, one when we’re asleep, and one when we’re watching TV. Ultimately the purpose of all televised entertainment media is to allow you to experience life vicariously through the experiences of the actors.

There’s a very blurry line between watching TV in moderation as one form of entertainment, and watching the actors go through life experiences because you haven’t been generating any of your own. Instead of wondering about the fictitious scenarios of Hollywood, don’t you think it would be more fulfilling to try to get a life of your own? You may never fly a jet to fight off an alien invasion, but if you stop watching so much TV you’ll have enough time to achieve some pretty amazing things anyway. At the end of life, saved memories will be your greatest treasure. What will you look back on? Will you recall amazing life experiences of your own, or will you recall previous TV episodes? I’m just saying.

When you watch your favorite shows, you’re excited because you put yourself in the story. It’s satisfying, almost as if you were there. But the problem is, you’re not in the story. Technically, you’re sitting in a sofa at home, staring at a machine by the wall for hours at a time. The near satisfaction that a fictitious experience brings makes it hard to get off the couch and produce the extra effort required to be productive.


What do you think?

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