The best type of date

If you take a girl out on a date, there are so many factors that count against you. If this is your first date and you’ve just met, don’t take her to a restaurant. It’s too cliche. And you may be forking over alot of dough with no guarantee that either of you like each other. There’s the possibility of getting an obnoxious waiter, and on top of all that women make way too many assumptions about you based on which restaurant you choose and how you treat the staff. The best possible type of date in my opinion is the dinner-at-home date.

Let’s not talk about the financial benefits of cooking the food yourself; girls hate penny pinchers. If you can’t afford to date her, don’t date her. There are so many other benefits to having dinner at home.

  1. Interaction – She can help you cook, which is always a great way to connect. At a restaurant you’re stuck at a table across from each other. At home you’re both free to move around, so she will feel more comfortable and less restricted.
  2. If she agrees to it, you can lay to rest any worries about whether she likes you. She obviously trusts you enough to come to your house.
  3. You get to talk about yourself without talking. She gets the chance to see proof that you’re not a psycho, that you are clean and have good taste by looking at the inside of your house.
  4. The bedroom is close by. This is a win-win scenario. If you two have good chemistry and one thing leads to another, the bedroom is a couple yards away. On the other hand, if things don’t lead to the bedroom you’ll get major trust points for NOT making a move when you could have.
  5. You have greater control over the ambiance. You don’t have to get cheesy with candles and soft music, but at home you have control over the smells, sights and sounds of your date.
  6. You get the chance to impress her with your cooking skills. Important note: Get some cooking skills.

There is really no downside to the dinner-at-home date, and no other type of date can compete, except of course any kind of special event like a concert. Those are really the only two dates you should be going on.


What do you think?

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