Law is a man-made concept designed to keep order in a heavily populated area, where morals are more like gravity, unchanging universal truths. I’ve met plenty of cops who believe without a splinter of doubt that whoever breaks any law whatsoever deserves the maximum punishment in every circumstance. The problem with that is, laws change all the time, usually depending on the financial demands of government bureaucrats. People who say that the law is the definition of moral order are really saying that good morals are whatever the law happens to be at the time. Following that logic, morals change from county to county and from state to state. That’s ridiculous.

In Broward County, you can be fined up to $200 for riding a bicycle at night without a flashing light. Now, let’s say a poor person who happened to be unaware of this law was in a tight spot and was barely able to pay his upcoming rent. He gets caught riding a bicycle without a flashing light on it. If the cop gives him the ticket, we won’t be able to pay his rent. In this case, enforcing the law is by far the cruelest, least moral thing the cop could do. Laws like this are just a thinly veiled excuse for crushing levels of taxation. If the county’s bureaucratic elite, who could not care less about the lives of common folk, would stop misappropriating public funds in the disgusting ways that they do, they would not have to tax the public in such underhanded ways as hiding behind trees under a hill with a radar gun, causing financial hardship to people all day long.

I am not anti-law. Human beings in general are not capable of regulating themselves. We are naturally opportunistic creatures and on varying levels most of us will do things to better ourselves at the expense of others. Imagine what our cities would look like if there was no law enforcement to keep the fear of consequences in our minds at all times? If everyone thought that they could get away with all of their selfish impulses, the city would become a war zone within weeks. Just make sure that you have a strong moral compass of your own, and realize what the law is and what the law isn’t.


What do you think?

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