1. If approaching women makes you nervous, you should first work on getting rid of your nervousness. Think carefully about the true source of your fear and eliminate it.
  2. Ready for the best pickup line ever conceived? Here it is: “Hi”. Just say hi, it’s failproof. If she doesn’t like you, then you haven’t risked any pride because you’re just giving a standard greeting. Say hi to enough women and you’ll be able to tell from their reaction if they are open to taking things further.
  3. Sticking your hand out first is a bad move. Even though it is considered normal etiquette, it implies that you are assuming she wants to touch your hand or know your name. Even better, wait until she asks what your name is before sticking your hand out to exchange names. Also, since this might be the first time you touch, make it a good handshake. If she wasn’t impressed by the way you hold her hand now, she’ll never want to hold your hand later.
  4. If your plan is to ask her out, get that out of the way first (after “Hi” of course) Good conversation is vital, but that comes after you’ve confirmed she’s actually interested in dating you.
  5. Don’t bother approaching a woman that you aren’t really all that interested in. Your genuine desire and interest will show and make an impact. Plus, you’ll be able to honestly say “I don’t normally do this, but…”
  6. Don’t use boilerplate stories, magic tricks, or any other kind of pre-meditated dialogue. You’ll come off looking like a con artist or a sociopath. The conversation should flow naturally and if it doesn’t maybe you two aren’t compatible. Forced or memorized dialogue will only acheive two things; you’ll either be ridiculed for it or even worse, it will work and you’ll hook up with a girl that turns out to be completely incompatible with you.

What do you think?

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