Women are like pasta sauce

I found a video that reflects my thoughts on the most basic fault in American thought when it comes to women, which will come after this most important rant about another fault in the typical American mindset. Most of us objectify women in the sense that we try all sorts of ways to convince them to give you their number, to date you, etc. We develop “game” because of an underlying assumption that women aren’t people, but more like word puzzles; a certain combination of words or moves will bend their psyche to your will. The foundation of that assumption is a fear that they would never like you just as you are.

I’ve heard too many guys talk about their game in this sense but really, they don’t stop to think that they ought to be the ones qualifying them as well. They see a cute girl and automatically assume (or don’t care) that they meet their standards. Or good looks are their only standard. Guys would be much better off if they stopped to check a woman’s qualifications in the same way that a woman typically assesses a man’s worth through observation throughout a conversation.

Many of us start off wrong; we look for a girl with whom we think we have a low chance of rejection, when we really ought to forget our own self-limiting assumptions and keep our eyes open for a girl who REALLY catches our eye, someone with whom you have good chemistry. Don’t regret not going for it, make a fool of yourself wholeheartedly.

The second big mistake we make is that our so called “game” is essentially to rattle off a long list of reasons why you are good enough for her, in the form of what you would call a conversation. We never stop to think about if the stranger we’ve met is good enough for us. Although you will hook up less often, having standards is a much more satisfying lifestyle.

The video touches on this subject, so listen well. When you shop for pasta sauce and see one you like, you don’t immediately put it in your cart. You take care to read the ingredients, see whether or not it fits in your diet and particular tastes, and after careful consideration you buy it.


What do you think?

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