This is a very abridged list, mostly not including actors and actresses because, as it turns out, almost all the most famous actors and actresses throughout time never went to college. Show this list to your teachers, your parents, or your boss who won’t promote you, then give them the finger.

Albert Einstein
Larry Page, Google
Rachael Ray
John D. Rockefeller
Abraham Lincoln
Amancio Goana
Wolfgang Puck
Walt Disney
Warren Buffett
James Cameron
Winston Churchill
Christopher Colombus
Michael Dell
Mark Ecko
Enzo Ferrari
Bobby Fischer
Henry Ford I and II
Robert Frost
Bill Gates
J. Paul Getty
John Hewitt
Lillian Hochberg
H Wayne Huizenga
President Andrew Jackson
Micky Jagtiani, Landmark International
Josh James, Omniture
Peter Jennings
Steve Jobs
Bruce Kovner
Ray Kroc
Ralph Lauren
Carl Lindner, Chiquita
Marcus Loew
Kirk Kerkorian
Larry Ellison, Oracle
Richard Branson
Steve Madden
David Murdock, Forbes
David Oreck
George Orwell
Theodore Roosevelt
J.K. Rowling
William Shakespeare
Edmond Safra
Carl Sandburg
Haim Saban
Vidal Sassoon
Frank Sinatra
Steven Spielberg
Dave Thomas, Wendy’s
Harry Truman
Mark Twain
Andy and Larry Wachowski
Mark Wahlberg
George Washington
Sidney Weinberg (Goldman Sachs)
Woodrow Wilson
Anna Wintour, Vogue
Steve Wozniak
Orville and Wilbur Wright
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
David Geffen, LA Times/Dreamworks
Donald Newhouse, New Yorker, Vanity Fair
Jack Taylor, Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Sheldon Adelson
Matt Wullenweg, WordPress
Jawed Karim, YouTube
Kevin Rose, Digg
Shawn Fanning, Napster
Scott Wainner, ResellerRatings


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  1. that’s a nice list! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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