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Cyanide and Happiness

Here are some of my favorite Cyanide and Happiness comics:

Cyanide and Happiness - Abandon Quest

Cyanide and Happiness - Abandon Quest













Cyanide and Hapiness - Dubstep Intervention

Cyanide and Hapiness - Dubstep Intervention

Cyanide and Happiness - Birthday Bike


Never propose in public

These epic marriage fails should teach you one thing; a highly public marriage proposal is not romantic. She will only see it as a cowardly, backhanded attempt at forcing her into a lifetime commitment that she may not be ready for.

Wife cheating on husband with son’s best friend

How to tell Asian girls apart

American guys, the instructional video you’ve been waiting for has arrived! Now with this video and a little practice you will be able to guess the heritage of Asian chicks, which up till now has only earned you the stinkeye. When it comes to telling asians apart, you run the risk of looking like a total douchebag who thinks that Asian girls look all the same. Distinguish yourself as a slightly smarter than average American guy by getting it right! Here’s another tip: Don’t start the conversation with “Hey, can I guess where you’re from?”

Facebook Twitter – Gigantor talks to Draconius

My Two True Loves; from the Hardly Working web series

Epic Rap Battles of History

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