Libran Logic Art Syndication

What I do is find modern artists like you and connect them to a network of unique art outlets that I’ve built myself. I’m talking about making it easy for you to sell your art not just in galleries, but on cell phone covers, skateboards, snowboards, laptop skins, and covers for many more electronic devices and consumer goods through online retail. There is never any cost to you at any time; all I really need is permission to use your art.

I take digital copies of your art medium, prepare the image for resale and make them available to the companies that manufacture these consumer goods, whom I’ve already developed a business relationship with. Normally the phone skin or custom skateboard company sells their product with your design and makes most of the money, while you and I each get 5% of the profit. They handle their own inventory, credit card processing and advertising and like I said, this never involves you paying for anything.

Artists nowadays have so many avenues to sell their art instead of galleries. With my company, you get free publicity and perhaps the easiest possible way to make money from your talent with no risk. If you think you may be interested in something like this, take a look at the Artist – Company agreement form, and email me if you have any questions or want to get started.

Download and read our agreement form here.

Questions from my artists, and answers:

What percentage of profit would I get?

The Artist – Company agreement binds me to evenly split any profits that come from syndicating your art to manufacturers for sale. The percentage of profit that each manufacturer will offer is variable, but we try to negotiate 10% of the profit, 5% of which would be yours.

As an artist, would I get paid an initial amount for a design and then a percentage of profits? 

Because manufacturers will only pay commission when an item with the artist’s artwork actually sells, we can’t afford to pay you a one-time fee for permission to represent you.

What kind of artwork would you want to use?

If you were invited to this page, we already love your art and you can submit something you’ve already made. We need digital images of art pieces that you can imagine people would want on their snowboards, meaning: Any style, medium and theme you want, but gruesome or depressing images may not sell well or be accepted by the manufacturers.

Where would these items be available?

Although the agreement allows us to distribute your selected art pieces anywhere that a profit can be made, we are focused on syndicating to American manufactures of consumer goods who sell mostly on the internet.

If this sounds like something you may want to do, please email me with a link to your artwork and we can start discussing your art and its syndication to a multitude of sales mediums.

Abe Hazbun

Libran Logic, Inc

Why not just go to the manufacturers directly?

You definitely could do that. But you would have to find and contact all these manufacturers, convince them to take your art into their web shop, monitor the sales performance, sometimes prep and upload a product feed, digitally prepare your art in the formats the manufacturers require,  in some cases provide a Federal Employer ID Number, and so on. The commission that is shared with us is for automatic syndication of your work across multiple sales outlets for hundreds of different products without requiring any effort, risk, or cost to you.

Plus, we already have solid and trusting business relationships with all these companies. Whatever we submit, they will sell. These manufacturers want to sell products with amazing looking designs on them in order to be distinguished from their competition, but they want to work with someone that’s willing and able to work on the syndication, marketing and monetization of art from several different artists on a full time basis. That’s Libran Logic. Contact me directly if you are interested, and I’m sure that we can come to an agreement that we’re both willing to sign.

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