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Evolutionism vs Creationism – Why not both?

One big difference between Evolutionists and Creationists is that Creationists are one hundred percent sure that the universe was created in exactly seven days, and Evolutionists maintain the position that they are simply not sure what happened. ¬†In my opinion, only a fool is so certain. Has anyone else considered the possibility that God invented Evolution as a means to creating people? We’ve believed crazier things before, things as crazy as the idea that God made the universe in seven days and then rested. I mean, what kind of God needs to take a break? He’s probably up there right now contemplating whether to appear on Earth just to clear the air about this subject: “Yes, I made the universe and created man, but it took longer than seven days. What were you thinking?” ¬†According to mainstream Christian thinking, a million years goes by in the blink of an eye for Him. If God did create humans, it’s much more likely that he set in forth motions that would create the strains of bacteria that would give way to the first forms of life on earth, which he knew would eventually evolve into his desired end result, us.

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