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No Fat Chicks; a Philosophy essay

I think many men have completely lost their balls in this day and age. They’ve chucked their honorable principles for fear that the consequences of speaking their mind, in an age where social power bends to the whimsical ideals of women, would be crippling. They’ve suppressed concepts like, for example, obesity being a bad thing. Well, it is a bad thing, sorry. It is a horrific yet voluntary condition that is a symptom of a person who has no real self respect. It’s a sadistic process of self mutilation. A man should not be made to feel guilty or that he’s a bad person for rejecting the company of a woman who’s done this to herself. Guys, don’t be afraid of being unfairly labeled as an asshole, say it out loud: I have standards!

Ladies, the largely successful and noble Women’s Civil Rights Movement happened WAY too long ago for you to still be pulling out the ole frail-woman-getting-abused card. You’ve earned equality in society, that means your voice and opinions carrying the same weight as a man’s. That doesn’t mean total dominance of modern thought. Guys don’t crucify you for stating your opinions and staying true to your own standards, and something you don’t realize is that men deserve to have standards too. We want to shake off the stereotype of a lonely, desperate dog that will do, say and pay anything for the attention of a girl he doesn’t even know. It’s time for men’s personal standards to raise significantly and that means, in a world of equality between sexes, that you’re going to have to start competing too.

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